Wales Quiz for Kids

Test your knowledge about Cymru by taking our Wales quiz for kids.

You can answer the questions directly from this page or you can download our printable quiz sheet to use on your next family quiz night (see below).

Wales quiz for kids

Here are 10 questions about Wales, its culture, and more. How many can you answer?

  1. What is the capital of Wales?
  2. The coastline of Wales lies along which sea?
  3. What day of the year does St. David’s Day fall on?
  4. What vegetable is the national emblem of Wales?
  5. What animal outnumbers humans in Wales 3-to-1?
  6. True or False? Mount Everest was named after a Welsh explorer.
  7. What famous children’s author was born in Cardiff?
  8. What is the national sport of Wales?
  9. What castle in Wales is the second largest in Britain?
  10. What is the highest mountain in Wales?

You can find the answers to this Wales quiz for kids in our post about Wales facts for kids.

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